Executives are top individuals in the society and people look up to them. Some individuals take executives as their role models, and sometimes mentors because of the value they have to offer.

For an executive to be renowned and respected in the society, it means that they have given a lot to be where they are.

Executives comprise top professionals, public leaders, managers, CEOs amongst other positions. And they are saddled with ensuring that the organization they are in charge of must not collapse. So, they could spend extra hours at work, in order to achieve this purpose.

However, one of the mistakes that executives make is they end up getting addicted. For some of them, the road to addiction started when they were in high school or college, and it was a habit they refused to drop as they climbed up the career ladder.

Hence, as they became addicted, they made sure that people were not aware of their problem. So, they would try as much as possible to conceal this defect, so that they do not let down those who are looking up to them.

In addition, executives are aware of what addiction, particularly substance addiction, can do to them physically.

So, they invest their money wisely in making sure that it is not obvious on their physical structure. So, an executive can look very healthy, without you knowing that he or she is addicted.

Another reason why executives end up addicted is because they cannot properly control their stress levels. For an executive to be well-sustained, he or she needs to optimally give inputs both physically and mentally, and this is very demanding for executives.

For executives to help themselves, it is important that they opt for addiction treatment. If they do not cater for their health soon, they might not be able to give their best in the “not-so-distant” future.

Their productivity and performance will reduce, and their trips to the hospital because of their ailing physical condition would be more frequent.

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Date Posted: July 18, 2020
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