High Profile Men and Addiction

CEO addictionIt is not uncommon for high profile men to struggle with addiction. We often think of high profile men as unstoppable and sturdy, but they can fall victim to addiction and substance abuse just like anyone else can. This includes CEOs, executives, doctors, lawyers and other high profile positions. Addiction and substance abuse are very serious matters, regardless of how wealthy or powerful a person is. Their life can still be put into jeopardy by an out of control addiction or substance abuse habit.

Typically, these substance abuse and addiction problems are caused by work stress due to heavy responsibilities. Men in positions of power have a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders when it comes to work. In high management positions, they are in charge of many staff people, and make decisions that effect the lives of their staff daily. Their business’s profits and losses are on their shoulders. Even the sturdiest of men can show cracks under these circumstances and turn to escapism to cope. Unfortunately, addictive substances and activities are often dangerous to the person abusing them.

In these situation,┬ádenial is typical. The people closest to the addict or substance abuser will begin to notice what is happening. They will see the man’s attention and zest for life beginning to slip as he focuses more and more on his addiction or substance abuse. They will frequently want to do something to help, but when they gently bring these matters to the man’s attention, they will be met with denial nine times out of ten. A man’s power and authority works against him in these situations. Men in positions of power are used to being in control and independent. They are also used to things working out to their advantage. This makes for the perfect conditions for denial in the face of addiction and substance abuse.

Because men in positions of power are tough cases to crack when they are addicted or abusing substances, the services of an interventionist and a professional rehabilitation treatment center are needed. It is very unlikely for a man in a position of power to understand the urgency of quitting his addiction or substance abuse problem when anyone less than a professional interventionist is explaining it to him.

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Title: High Profile Men and Addiction
Date Posted: January 12, 2016
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