The Golf Course and Clubhouse

golf clubhouseA golf course and clubhouse are places frequented by men in positions of power. This recreational space has come to be favored by high profile men as a place to mix business and pleasure. It is a place where deals are made, business decisions are finalized, and then everyone has a liquor drink to relax at the end. Everything about this atmosphere is suited to men in positions of power, for a variety of reasons.

One reason that powerful men love golf courses and clubhouses is because they find them enjoyable. Men in powerful positions are frequently known to work hard and play harder. Most men out on a golf course or sitting at the bar in the clubhouse are likely doing exactly that: patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Most powerful men are driven to the success they find by their desire for what benefits it brings, namely women, toys and luxury. The high class recreation of golf and aged alcohol is no exception.

Men in positions of power also tend to like golf courses and clubhouses because they are exclusive. Powerful men tend to value controlling things around them. This includes their environment and their company. A golf course and clubhouse ensure that only their caliber of people will be in attendance. It is likely that they will be familiar with everyone who comes there and know who to trust and who to avoid. This matters because men frequently talk business and private matters on the course and in the clubhouse. In fact, it is one of their favorite places to entertain clients and colleagues, negotiate the terms of a business deal and confide in their confidants, where no one unwelcome is listening in on their private matters.

And lastly, men in positions of power enjoy golf courses and clubhouses because men are┬ácompetitive and enjoy testing each other’s sportsmanship. They bring other men to these spaces to get a feel for them, size them up and test their worthiness. Men may not always be consciously aware that they are doing this to one another, but it does occur regularly.

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Title: The Golf Course and Clubhouse
Date Posted: January 12, 2016
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