Vices of Men in Positions of Power

powerful men vices addictionsGolf and alcohol are not the only things commonly enjoyed and abused by men in positions of power. There are a number of substances and activities that appeal to this demographic and often pose the threat of being habit forming. Among these highly preferred substances and activities are cocaine, opiates, gambling and sex.

A popular illicit drug among high-profile men is cocaine, which has a reputation for being abused by people with money and power. Cocaine is a substance with natural energy and empowerment inducing qualities, so the power-seeking personality of a high-profile man tends to be drawn to it. This drug is highly addictive and can be lethal when overdosed, making it a common cause of destruction in the lives of men in positions of power.

Also high on the list of desirable substances is opiates, ranging from pharmaceuticals to heroin, which are in high demand among men in positions of power. The fixation can start harmlessly with a scripted prescription from a doctor, but when the person becomes dependent on the substance, they may try to obtain the drug illegally by going to multiple pharmacies or may turn to street versions such as opium or heroine. Like cocaine, heroine can be lethal in an overdose or have disastrous side effects.

We know that activities can prove addictive as well as substances, and one favorite activity of powerful men is sex. Sex addiction is commonly found among men in positions of power, whether it is in the form of anonymous partners or prostitution. This can lead to relationship inabilities and a tendency to view the opposite sex in an objective way.

And lastly, men in positions of power statistically also have a weakness for gambling. This is logical considering that the psychological make-up of high-profile persons almost always involves risk-taking. The act of gambling – placing a bet on something with an unsure outcome – produces the brain chemical of pleasure called dopamine, which is then greatly enhanced when the outcome is winning. This act is found to be very addictive among high-profile men.

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Title: Vices of Men in Positions of Power
Date Posted: April 5, 2014
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