Why Golf and Alcohol Commonly Go Together

golf and alcoholThe stereotype of fully-stocked golf clubhouse bars and flasks out on the green is more than just a stereotype; it originated from the tendency for golfers to also be alcoholics. Golf and alcohol are two favorite passtimes of men of privilege. It is very common for the friends and family of high-power males to say they spend a lot of time golfing and drinking when they are not working. But where did this connection between golf and alcoholism come from?

It is the Scottish who are accredited with the creation of golf in the 15th century, and the Scottish are also known for their high alcohol tolerance. Already the two pass-times have a historical connection to one another. But beyond this connection, golf in particular has come to be associated with the well-to-do. Alcoholism is found in every demographic of society, but golf, perhaps more than any other sport, is associated with drinking. In North America, this is found particularly among men in positions of power. One can draw their own conclusions: a large number of men in positions of power enjoy golf and  a large number of men in positions of power enjoy drinking.

The question is, can golf, drinking and power be connected to the same type of male psyche? Many mental health experts and neurologists would say yes. All three attributes fit into the profile of a person who likes to take risks, gets a thrill out of mastering strategy and thrives on uncertainty. Believe it or not, this is the most common personality type of an addict. Addiction is found more in high-functioning individuals than it is in other personality types. Whether or not frequent golfing is an addiction can only be determined on an individual basis, but the fact that it golfing is enjoyed largely by men in positions of power is telling.


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Title: Why Golf and Alcohol Commonly Go Together
Date Posted: April 5, 2014
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