Moving On from the Love Affair with Golf and Alcohol

golf and alcoholThere is nothing inherently evil about enjoying the activities of golf and alcohol consumption. But one thing we have found to be true about men and women alike is that they function better when they lead balanced lives and recognize that what they do for enjoyment is meant to be moderated. When they become too immersed in whatever they do for pleasure, such as golf or alcohol consumption, an imbalanced life of dependency ensues and gradually unravels the responsible life that is overtaken by it.

Men in positions of power enjoy golf as much as they do because it exercises their skills and talents without any of the pressure of the workplace. Golf is a game of skill and strategy that is meant purely for enjoyment and friendly competition. Trying out different, exotic courses and investing in the proper equipment can become costly, which is why it is associated with high-profile individuals. Golf is an excellent pass-time for those who can afford it, but when a person becomes too absorbed in it, they should consider the things they are not spending enough time on, such as their personal relationships. Remember, everything in moderation is the healthiest way to be.

The same notion applies to alcohol consumption. Men who golf but who do not drink alcohol are in the minority. High-power men and the tendency to drink after (or during) a game of golf is incredibly common. But unlike golf, alcohol has few benefits for the brain and the body, and requires even more careful moderation. Alcoholism as an addiction is harmful, for the addict’s profession, relationships and health. When a man enjoys golfing but it is always accompanied with alcohol consumption, the habit has become detrimental and the man needs to reconsider how he spend his time.

If you or someone you know is a high-profile male who struggles with alcoholism or extreme absorption into pleasurable hobbies, you should know that addiction treatment programs have been designed specifically for people like you. Learning to balance our time between what we enjoy and what is responsible is a basic part of maturity, adulthood and wholeness as a person, but some people did not come equipped with this skill and require professional help learning it. Treatment centers such as executive rehabs are created for high-profile individuals with careers and lifestyles that need to be taken into consideration.

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Title: Moving On from the Love Affair with Golf and Alcohol
Date Posted: April 5, 2014
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