The Connection Between Power and Addiction

addiction and powerThere are numerous factors that add to addictive behavior, varying from genetics to psychology to a person’s atmosphere, but there are two aspects that are typically found among individuals in positions of power. It has actually been verified that high profile individuals, such as executives, medical professionals, attorneys and CEOs, are more prone to addictive habits compared to other people. The usual reasons for this are the worries of high profile positions and the neurological make-up of effective, ambitious people.

The pressure put on high profile people can be huge. The more power a position has, the more weight on the individual’s shoulders. Substance abuse as a maladaptive coping system is very common through out all kinds of dependencies, but strikes this particular group of people extremely hard.

When we consider that addiction is a neurological disease, we understand that the mind really rewires itself to, at first, appreciate a substance and inevitably depend on it once it has actually been used in excess. Neuroscientists have actually discovered a link between risk-taking personalities and addictive habits, confirming that particular chemical make-ups are a lot more prone to addiction. Individuals in positions of power fall into the classification of risk-takers, which can be observed in the lifestyle choices that keep them in a position of power. Dopamine is the bodily chemical linked with enjoyment, and risk-taking personalities create less dopamine than the average person, which leads them to seek more intense pleasures and stimulations, such as risky business endeavors or thrill-seeking hobbies. This does not change the fact that addiction is the undesirable expression of this neurological quality.

If you or a person you know is a high-profile individual having problems with addiction, you ought to understand that there are therapy programs created especially for you. Executive alcohol and drug recovery programs are in existence to accommodate the way of life and job commitments of individuals in positions of power and success.

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Title: The Connection Between Power and Addiction
Date Posted: April 5, 2014
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